Sat. Apr 17th, 2021

2 thoughts on “Get More Website Traffic with these Free Resources

    1. Hi. Thanks for the message and for reading my article. You probably would want to pick one and focus on it. By focusing on a long tail keyword, you are trying to rank as high as possible for search results containing that keyword/phrase. This means, you will want to strategically design your page, article, product around this word/phrase by placing it first in your title, headings, content. The more focused you are on your keyword, the more likely your page or product will rank higher for very specific searches and that is your goal with long tail keyword targeting. It is a good idea to research long tail keywords before you decide on one by seeing how many searches are performed for your word or phrase. You will also want to weigh that with the competition for that keyword. Keywords Everywhere is a good tool and place to start for deciding upon your keyword.

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